Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello, hello! :) Here's an outfit post! Yay! A little different than something I would usually wear, but I've just been itching to wear my American Apparel chiffon maxi skirt lately. Also, a lot of my clothes need to be washed! Oops! I'll get to that this week.

This is what I had on today, but when I went out later on I ended up wearing my vest with the outfit... (see below!)


(This picture makes me feel like Belle from Beauty & The Beast. You know what I'm talking about!)


Shirt - Target
Maxi Skirt - American Apparel
Belt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - DSW (BareTraps)
Bow - American Apparel
Vest - Levis

Look at this awesome picture my sister took of me today on her iPhone with the instagram app!


I also bought a couple of things recently! I bought a dress on sale from Target from the Alice Temperley collection... $11... what a steal! I love it. I really need some more formal dresses! I love this for fall too! It would look great with some black leggings, thick socks, boots, and a pretty long necklace! Oh yeah, and the new season Cinco of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! ~M| F4V0R|T3~

I also got some new makeup today since I desperately need it! Since I am broke, I can't really afford my usual MAC and Urban Decay makeup regimen (not until I'm working again at least, trust me) so I got drugstore makeup! (Which I love all the same!) I got a new pink blush from CoverGirl, the classic, and cheapest, pink and green tube Maybelline mascara, elf face power for a wopping $1, and a CoverGirl red lipliner (which I needed SO bad!) I can't wait to try it all out this week! I'm thinking about doing my makeup a little more dramatic on my eyes. I've been looking at people who do the cat-eye who also use black/grey eyeshadow on the end or crease of their eye. I love the way this looks but I hope it won't come across as too gothic! Ah! I have time this week to try that out. ;) I also think it is funny that I can't leave the house without my cat-eye. I've been doing it for almost two years and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon. Some days I wish I had it tattooed on my face, LOL!!

I just got back from eating sushi with my sister! This girl right here can't get enough of dat shrimp tempura. Mmmmmm!!!
Also, I will (hopefully) get my etsy store up and running this week! Hope you guys will be interested in purchasing some awesome items! I should have some vintage clothes for sale as well as some fun little things for around the house. And coming later this summer when I have the help of my sister, a seasoned chemist (LOL), SOAP! Yay! I also just learned what OOAK means. So I might overuse it just for fun. I also like the abbreviation because it reminds me of this anime face: OAO'' Anyway...

I have my transfer orientation for my new college this week so I want to dress way cool to impress everyone, I'm sure I'll take plenty of pictures that day. I can't believe I'm a junior in college and changing my major. A little late, huh? Oh! And I'm visiting Dean this week, I'm so excited! EEEEE~


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