Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chinatown Weekend and Gilgamesh

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. My parents came to visit on Saturday and they took me to Chinatown for some dinner. I had a fantastic meal and got this little purse... I think I need to venture into Philly's Chinatown more. I really think there are tons of gems there waiting to be found. Plus the food is great and really cheap. I always make plans to get down there but I never do. I'll just stay here in the ghetto I guess.

Purse I got in Chinatown.

I also spent most of the weekend at my boyfriend's house a few blocks away. It was great! I asked him to take a lot of fashion pictures so hopefully I'll get those developed from my film camera soon. We also went down to Center City for a bit. I had to get a new charger for my mac. Mine wasn't working anymore for some reason... it's all better now though! We also went to the Rittenhouse farmer's market again. I feel like this is becoming a weekly thing. I made us stop into MAC on the way back. (I love how I talk about both "mac's" in this post. Mac computers and MAC makeup. LOL) Anyway, I fell in love with so many things but I had to leave. I'm pretty much broke right now. It was a stretch for me to buy a bottle of nail polish and a copy of vogue without getting guilty after.

Morange by MAC. I want this so bad!
Oh well. Here is what I'm wearing today!



Also, I should be writing an essay right now on Gilgamesh, but I feel like this is a lot more fun.

If I finish this essay I'll update with my new nail polish later. I definitely have a date with some purple nail polish later.

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  1. i like that outfit. i'm jealous... i want a fashion blog lol

    ps this is toni ann